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Male Cancer Claims On The Rise, reports Old Mutual

Posted By Angela W / November 24, 2021 / 0 Comments

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month.
It serves as a timely reminder to drive more conversations abut the increasing prevalence of male cancers in SA.


With November marking Men’s Health Awareness Month, it serves as a timely reminder to drive more conversations about the increasing prevalence of male cancers in South Africa, a trend supported by the findings of Old Mutual’s latest claim statistics.

According to the group’s personal cover claim statistics, 2020 saw a 6.5% increase in the overall number of cancer claims in men across all claim categories year on year. Cancer and tumours ranked as a leading illness within the severe illness category, second only to cardiovascular disorders.

“Our overall experience with cancer in males within the severe illness claim category shows that prostate and testicular cancer claims accounted for 17% of all cancer claims in 2020, with prostate cancer making up the lion’s share at 96%,” says John Kotze, Retail Protection Product Head at Old Mutual.

Global research reveals prostate cancer as the second most frequent of cancers that males suffer from after lung cancer, and the fifth leading cause of cancer death among men in 2020[1]. In South Africa, the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) reports that one in 16 South African men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.[2]

Prostate cancer is more likely to develop in men over forty, carrying a global average age at diagnosis of 66.[3] This is supported by group claim figures in 2020, which showed that the majority of male cancer claimants in the severe illness category ranged between 20 and 69 years old, with an average age of 58.

Surprisingly, the group’s claims statistics also revealed a drop in the number of testicular cancer claims, which Kotze says could be a result of increased early detection of this type of cancer. However, he warns of a potential link between prostate and testicular cancer, as shown in a study by the American Society of Clinical Oncology[4] which suggests that men with a history of testicular cancer may be at higher risk of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime.

“Men’s Health Awareness Month is a welcome reminder to men around the world to take better care of their health and their bodies,” says Kotze. “Although male cancers are seen as an illness usually associated with older men, it is important to remember that genes, family history and race are all risk factors that cannot be helped and may cause cancers to develop at an earlier age.”  

While the prognosis for male cancers is good if diagnosed and treated early, the financial impact of managing an illness such as cancer is often overlooked.

“Cancer treatment and recovery can result in extended periods away from work, which can lead to a loss of income at a time when additional unforeseen costs are being incurred – such as the costs of rehabilitation and travel between treatment centres,” says Kotze. “This is why your financial health is an equally important consideration when it comes to pro-active health management.”

With Old Mutual’s Illness insurance, claimants receive a single tax-free pay-out from R100,000 to R6 million (the cover amount that the customer qualifies for is risk-profile dependent and the pay-out is a percentage of the cover amount based on the severity of the illness), to help with recovery from a severe illness such as cancer or to help cover day-to-day expenses.

“The built-in Cancer Enhancer pays up to 25% of the cover amount in addition to the original claim amount if your cancer severely impacts your quality of life and you are unable to take care of yourself,” says Kotze. “What’s more, if you have added on the Returning Illness Benefit to your cover at an extra cost and your cancer returned, you could receive an additional payout of up to 50% of the cover amount, even after full cover has already been paid out.”

In 2020, Old Mutual paid out illness insurance claims to the value of R871 million. “In these times of great uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that while you may be unable to prevent severe illness from developing in future, you can take control of your financial outcomes with illness insurance, and help to ease the burden of recovery,” concludes Kotze.


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