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Youve earned it

FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being a YEI member?

  • You will receive the regular YEI Newsletter, which will update you on all the latest discounts, offers, savings and benefits that YEI has managed to find.
  • The newsletter also includes relevant, informative and extremely interesting articles all geared at SA 60-plussers.
  • Membership is absolutely free! 
  • In addition, we sign you up to a YEI WhatsApp Group which means that you will receive the very latest in senior discounts, deals, offers and benefits – right to your phone!
  • So what are you waiting for?   Sign up for the YEI Newsletter now!

How can I sign up?

Signing up is quick and easy. Sign up hereIt’s that simple!    You’ll need to confirm your membership by clicking on the confirmation link in the email we send you, otherwise you might miss out on great YEI content!

I am not receiving my Newsletter

It could be that your server is blocking emails sent to you from YEI.

Some servers see the YEI newsletter as spam – words like discounts, offers etc.  As pensioner discounts are part of YEI’s core offering, it is difficult not to use these words in a newsletter.  If your server does not deliver your YEI newsletter, YEI receives a message that your “email address does not exist”.    The system then automatically takes you off our database. 

To ensure that the You’ve Earned It newsletter reaches your inbox, you need to whitelist the YEI email address

  • Please add the YEI email address ( ) to your address book.
  • Please request your server to whitelist the YEI address .
  • Please click on this link  to view a document that gives you step-by-step instructions for address book/contact list additions for some of the larger email service providers and spam filters that you might be using e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Outlook etc. 
  • Hint: Wherever you see [email address] in the step-by-step instructions, please change email address to

We hope that this assists.

How do I source the discounts and benefits on the YEI website?

Read this great YEI article where we give you information on how to use the You’ve Earned It website, and specifically the YEI Directory, effectively and to your benefit.  Click here to read the article.

Where do I view the articles on the YEI website?

You will see that the top white bar on the YEI homepage features the following categories:  Entrepreneurs, Finance, Healthcare, Home & Garden, Lifestyle, Retirement, Travel, WIN with YEI, YEI’s Best, Contact Us.

Example:  click on “Finance” and this will take you to the Finance page where all articles/advertorials that are financial in nature are featured.  Scroll down the page and you will see that all the previous Finance articles are archived in page order.  To read back articles, click on the previous page number.

Can I view the YEI website with my device?

The YEI website is now fully accessible to i-Pads and mobile phones.

How do I make a comment on a YEI article or business listing ?

YEI welcomes your comments on articles, advertisements and listings – we encourage you to come and join the YEI conversation.   Just type in your comment in the comment box.  Post comment.  Your comment will be moderated by YEI and will go live within the next 24-48 hours.

How can I get involved?

YEI loves comments, hints, tips and all contributions from our readers.  If you are able to share something that will enable another YEI member to save money, then please share it with us. We in turn will share your hints and tips (attributing them to you!) in the form of an article or story.  If you have a story to tell, please let us know.  Become part of the YEI conversation.

Ask for the senior discount!

Whenever and wherever you shop, please ask for the senior discount.  Please tell the business/shop about YEI, and in turn, let us know about the business/shop!  If they are not already listed in the YEI Directory, we undertake to contact them to see if they are interested in being featured in the Directory – this is to the benefit of all YEI members.

How do I get more information, if I am interested in advertising on the YEI website?

For further information on advertising on the YEI website, please click here.  Alternatively, please send an email and we will respond to your queries without delay.

My question is not on this page. What can I do?

Please email us – we will respond to your questions directly.