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What does your future look like “post COVID 19”?

Posted By Marilynh / June 29, 2020 / 0 Comments

This year has not turned out to be 2020 – the year of plenty with wonderful dreams and ideas in a new decade.

Along came a global pandemic that crippled the economies of the world and impacted all of us in so many ways


Senior couple and laptop 1200


In life there are things we can control and many that are outside of our control. It is best to always focus on the things you can control and not become stressed about those that you cannot.

The most important one that you can control is making sure you are safe and remain protected as much as possible, especially through the winter months. Technology has helped us to connect in ways that would not have been possible in the past.  I hope that you have used this time to engage more and learn?

A challenge for many of us has been the concern of a reduction in our investments and earnings. The options open to us will depend on our skills and openness to learn new ways of engaging. Technology does allow us to work more effectively from home and find new innovative ways to earn. Our networks and relationships can also help us open possible opportunities.

Here are some questions to reflect on:

  1. What do you want your future to look like?
  2. If you are employed do you think your future is secure?
  3. How are you investing in your own future?
  4. If your finances have dipped, how can you earn the extra you need monthly?
  5. Have you spent some time working through grieving your current dreams of the future?
  6. Are you clear about values that you are not prepared to shift?
  7. Do you plan to work longer?
  8. Will you become an entrepreneur?




The 50plus-skills community has stayed close to our members over the past few months and moved all our networking, learning and fun online. The questions above are tough when you try and work through them on your own. The opportunity to do “bite-size learning” and engage with like minded people may be one of the ways you want to invest in your future.

We now offer a monthly and annual membership.

R500 per year or R50 per month

What are the benefits of being part of this community?

  • List and share your skills to establish a greater network
  • Learn new skills
  • Join a community of like-minded people
  • Fun and networking

The membership application and all our events are done online, allowing you to join in from anywhere in the world.


Website:   www.50plus-skills.co.za


For further information on 50 Plus Skills,
their membership platform and accompanying benefits,
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and a 50 Plus Skills representative
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