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Put a spring in your step

Posted By Marilynh / September 4, 2020 / 0 Comments

The last five months have impacted us all in different ways.
This Spring – learn new skills, meet others, and build a new purpose for these extra years we have been blessed with.


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This has been a Winter many of us will never forget. We welcome warmer weather, as it seems to bring a sense of warmth and energy into our lives.

Our population across the industrialized world is aging to an extent never experienced before in history. We are now living 10 years longer on average than our parents’ generation, and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation. This statement comes from Davos 2020, where for the first time they looked at the impact that longevity is having on society.

What does this mean for you personally? Have you had time to reflect during the winter? Are you fearful around your finances? Do you want to downsize? Be closer to family? I have no doubt that many of these questions have been a discussion point or crossed your mind.

At 50Plus-Skills, we have had numerous conversations with our members over the past 5 months touching on some of these issues. We are all impacted differently. It depends on our current age, finances, and health. Many have resisted the change and not learnt or engaged in online conversations through platforms like Zoom.  To a large extent, it is also about our attitude and trying something new. Our smart phones allow many of these possibilities and it is not necessary to have a computer. For those that decided to embrace the change, most share that it has opened new ideas and opportunities.


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Here are some of the activities and changes we have seen in our 50plus-skills community members over the past 5 months.

  • Some of our members have done our digital literacy program and now engaging with more online communication
  • Many have learnt to use Zoom for the first time
  • We had a Zoom session by SADAG on mental health during COVID-19. Many felt that this had helped them to understand their emotions more effectively.
  • 30 retired teachers were helped to gain employment as online tutors for a major education company.
  • We had a session on volunteering and how to engage in this space in effective ways.
  • Weekly networking online sessions opened doors for offline conversations of collaboration.
  • We taught a framework for social media engagement
  • Online Quizzes.
  • We ran an event for 100 members with speakers related to finance, work, retirement planning and technology.
  • Several members have been profiled with stories of inspiration.
  • A few members are mentoring young people through incubators.

Membership of 50plus-skills is about making the decision to engage, learn and network. The opportunities exist, but it will take action from you to see the value and change in your life.

We know it is difficult to change. Technology has proved to be a critical new skill we all will need in the future. This SPRING, learn new skills, meet others, and build a new purpose for these extra years we have been blessed with.


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