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Living a blended life

Posted By Marilynh / October 21, 2020 / 0 Comments

What is a blended life? 

The way we plan for the future of retirement has changed.
The definition of a blended life is where one manages the combo of work and play according to your needs and desires


50Plus Skills


The way we plan for the future of retirement has changed. Are you using the map from your parents’ journey or understanding the new macro trends and adjusting your navigation accordingly?

We are living on average 10 years longer than our parents and 20 years longer than our grandparents. Technology is impacting our lives from every angle. These are the trends we need to consider when planning.

What does it mean to live a blended life?  Here is a definition: “Unlike work/life/balance, the idea behind the blending is to work, play and manage your life how and whenever needed” To design this kind of lifestyle, one needs to spend time understanding your personal situation, having critical conversations with your financial advisor, your family and even engaging with a retirement life coach to help you unlock some of the possibilities. Each of us are unique and this is not a cookie cutter exercise.

Here are some of the areas to consider:

  • How much money do I have and what is my monthly budget?
  • Where do I want to live in this next season?
  • Do I need to continue working to supplement my investments?
  • What skills do I have?
  • What hobbies and leisure activities do I want to engage in?
  • Where should I volunteer?
  • What new skills should I be learning to stay connected?
  • What kind of work would I like to do?
  • Do I want to consult, be an entrepreneur or be employed?


50 Plus Skills


Technology allows us to live a blended life and learning the critical skills of digital literacy and using our devices efficiently are part of the reason that this kind of lifestyle is possible. Are you prepared to learn these skills? Engaging with other like-minded people, living a blended lifestyle becomes an encouragement to us when we need support and a sense of belonging.

The vision of 50Plus-Skills is aimed at these kinds of people. A place to learn, engage with others, serve in your area of passion, and find new ways to earn. We are privileged to live in an era where this is all possible. We invite you to join our 50plus-skills community. Membership covers several online sessions per month that will equip you to live a blended life. An investment in your life worth making. It may help you to remain financially independent and engaged in society.



50plus-skills is an online community
and membership is R50 per month or R500 per year.

For further information on 50 Plus-Skills,
their membership platform and accompanying benefits,
please complete the form below, and a 50 Plus-Skills representative will get back to you, without delay


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