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50Plus-Skills: Learning, Serving and Earning

Posted By Admin Staff / July 22, 2019 / 0 Comments

How do you keep up with technology,
and adjust and engage in an ever-changing world?

Hear what some 50Plus-Skills members are saying about
learning, earning, and serving in their later years.




The world is changing daily. Technology is one of the drivers that is bringing this change. How do we keep up, adjust, and engage in this ever-changing world? Hopefully you may find some help through 50plus-Skills and the learning of new skills.

This community platform was started to help those of us 50plus to understand this change. We have studied the trends of longevity, technology, and how the workplace is changing. These factors impact all of us, but this community focuses just on the older group.

As technology escalates it feels like the human touch is lost. On the other hand, technology enables us to connect more easily. It is grappling with these two opposites and trying to bring them together in a cost-effective way. Our aim is to connect as many as possible who would like to learn, earn, and serve in this season.


Here are some stories of how we are doing just that:


Martin has just retired, due to an early retirement drive in his company. He feels devastated and is trying to work out his new identity without his daily work life. Martin became a member of 50plus-Skills and has attended the half-day workshop on designing your next season. He met others he could engage with and feels like he now belongs and has made some new friends. He has also designed some short courses to run on teaching technology, and is also volunteering using his social media skills at a local Non-Profit.

Mary is a skilled HR practitioner and has just retired after 35 years in the business world. Through her 50plus-Skills membership, she attended one of our monthly online learning sessions. This one was run by Emma El-Karout. Emma is in the process of building a Demand Economy HR Platform called One Circle HR. This platform will allow Mary the opportunity to register and make her skills available for contract work from home in her area of expertise.




Trevor has a passion for travel and has just come back from teaching conversational English in Spain. There is a program that gives you free accommodation and food in exchange for your English skills. He also continued to travel and spent time staying with people in Portugal through his membership of the Freebird Club – a place for those who are over 50 and enjoy travel.

Working together, a group of retired engineers are now mentors on a project. A new opportunity, making a difference and making some new friends along the way.

A group of members have signed up to learn digital literacy skills as they know this will open opportunities to work on their terms from home with a customer base from around the globe.


Time for a new start in the working world


The old-style way of work is gone.
New opportunities live in the crossroads of an open mind, connecting, engaging, and learning.
This is the culture of what we offer through 50plus-Skills.

If this excites you, join us!
We are building a fabulous online community that is vibrant, challenging,
and making a difference.
The membership costs R500 per year
and you can register on our website HERE.




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