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YEI 1200

You’ve Earned It has the biggest and most comprehensive Directory for South African over-60s in this country. 

The savings and benefits sourced and communicated by YEI make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of seniors.  These savings, benefits and value-adds are built into a unique portfolio that forms a one-stop destination for this target market and are aimed at making surviving and thriving in retirement possible. 


Pensioner deals, savings and benefits

The You’ve Earned It Directory gives its readers access to hundreds of savings, benefits, value-adds, and season specials, specifically for South African over-60s.  These great deals come from a range of businesses throughout South Africa – from accommodation to wineries, and everything in between! The Directory can be accessed via the top orange bar on the YEI homepage.

YEI is all about savings and benefits for South African over-60s.  One of YEI’s main aims is to put cash back into seniors’ pockets, as they’ve earned it!

AND, businesses who offer a pensioner discount can can list their business for a small administrative fee!  Click here to find out more.


The YEI Directory features the following:

    • Businesses and products that are of interest to YEI members;
    • Businesses who offer pensioner deals, savings, benefits and value-adds to South African over-60s (baby boomers, seniors, retirees, pensioners)

How to find and use the YEI Directory

Go to the top orange bar on the YEI homepage.   Search for listings via location and category, using the drop-down arrows.  Don’t forget to click the SEARCH button once you have typed in your location and category.  Using this search facility, readers can browse through the listings in the YEI Directory, and enjoy the diversity and choice of the various products and services on offer.


Articles on how to use the YEI Directory effectively

Click here to read this useful article on
How to use the YEI Directory, and the benefits of browsing the YEI Directory. 

Click here to read an article on
How to use the YEI Directory effectively in specific searches


Recommendation from YEI

Enquire about rates

Please enquire about the rates for a service or an establishment prior to enquiring about the pensioner discount, and prior to the confirmation of a booking.   In this way, you will be certain that the service or establishment is in fact offering a pensioner discount.  Rates are purposefully not generally included in a listing for the reason that establishments can change their tariffs at any time


Request references

When requesting quotes from certain service providers, YEI would recommend that where appropriate you ask for references that you can phone or email yourself to ask about the service, prior to booking a service.


Latest advertisers/listings

The very latest Directory listings can be seen on the YEI homepage


Banner advertisers

YEI has five banner advertisers on each page of the YEI website.  Clicking on the banners will give you additional information on the advertiser and their offer to the over-60s.  Clicking on a banner will take you directly to the advertiser’s website or to further information on the YEI website


Help YEI to build the Discounts and Benefits section

Help YEI to identify all of the businesses, companies and organisations in this country that offer discounts and benefits to this age group.    If you know of businesses in your area that offer a discount or benefit, or who are of interest to this age group, please let us know by emailing us on We undertake to contact this business directly.  This will be to the benefit of all boomers, seniors and retirees in your area.