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Silver campers love the outdoors!

Posted By Marilynh / 1 Comment

It’s important to shake things up every now and then, disconnect from technology, be happily unaware of Eskom outages and enjoy the fun and adventure of the beautiful South African outdoors!  And all with a pensioner discount!     Camping not your cup of tea? Don’t dismiss it out of hand.  Check out these myths: […]

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Senior travel tip of the month – tennis ball!

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Who would have thought that a tennis ball should be the first item a senior should pack into their carry-on luggage?     This article “Why every senior should fly with a tennis ball” published by Over Sixty in Australia caught our eye!  Why on earth would a senior even think about flying with a […]

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Living with a disability – the accomplishment of Sandra

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

To achieve success is challenging for most of us. Accomplishment is considerably more valued if one is living with a disability.     I want to give kudos to the lady I met at a car workshop in Johannesburg, earlier this month. Her name is Sandra, and not only does she have an incredible knowledge […]

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Grandparents Day should be a big deal

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

We are great proponents of Grandparents Day – what a perfect opportunity to celebrate those grannies, grandpas, gogos, umkhulus,  umakhulus, oumas, oupas, nonnas….grandparents that are highly appreciated for all the joy and wisdom that they bring to our lives!     Am I the only Grandparent who missed Grandparents Day on October 6th? What a crying […]

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