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To downsize or not – that is the question!

Posted By Marilynh / 4 Comments

In our quest to look at a variety of accommodation options in retirement, the one big question is – Should I downsize or not?       There comes a time in all of our lives, where the big question raises its head.  What to do?  Stay in my home and adapt it for advancing […]

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Farewell Old Age Home! Hello co-living!

Posted By Marilynh / 45 Comments

Baby boomers are not strangers when it comes to bucking the trends.  In the Woodstock era, baby boomers brought about a seismic cultural shift.  Now, they are revolutionising retirement!     The demand for retirement accommodation currently exceeds what facilities can accommodate, with waiting lists that can run to two years or more. With 5.3 […]

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Overcoming challenges in Retirement

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Adjusting to retirement life for newly-minted retirees is not always easy and certainly not for the feint-hearted! But, challenges can be overcome….       Never has it been more important to seek your life’s purpose than in retirement. Life’s purpose is your mission in life, the glue, the cohesion, the meaning.   YEI has […]

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Finding your sense of purpose in retirement

Posted By Marilynh / 6 Comments

The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #5 – Finding your sense of purpose in retirement     What Is Life’s Purpose? Life’s purpose is unique to everyone.  Your purpose is a combination of your skills, passions and values.  It’s your mission in life, and identifying your life’s purpose can mean a hugely more satisfying life.  […]

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