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The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #2 – Working in retirement

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

     In the first part of the series “The unique challenges of Retirement”, You’ve Earned It looked at the retirement age. In this article, the second part of this series, YEI looks at working in retirement.    Challenge #2 –  Working in retirement Many South Africans have to look at ways in which they […]

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Retirement age in South Africa – know your rights

Posted By Admin Staff / 8 Comments

The question of retirement age in South Africa can be thorny at best. YEI unpacks the topic of the retirement age in South Africa     Baby boomers are retiring in their scores. The only issue is that many baby boomers are not ready to retire, mostly because of financial reasons. but also because they […]

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The unique challenges of Retirement: Retirement Age

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

  Much as we may be looking forward to the third stage of our lives, retirement brings with it several challenges.  You’ve Earned It looks at the key challenges and important issues facing retirees in South Africa today.   We also look at possible solutions to these challenges.   Many retirees-to-be and baby boomers are […]

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Definition of a pensioner in South Africa

Posted By Marilynh / 18 Comments

YEI is regularly asked the following:  Is a pensioner older than 55, 60 or 65?; What is the definition of a pensioner?; Is a South African pensioner someone who receives a SASSA pension? YEI explores this conundrum.      The Oxford dictionary cites that a pensioner is a person who receives a pension, especially the […]

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