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Take your savings on a journey

Posted By Marilynh / 4 Comments

Our money travels with us through life, but just as we get bored going to the same holiday destination year in and year out, our money gets disinterested when kept in one account.   Nedbank invites your money on a journey to some pretty interesting and safe places … Take your savings on a journey For […]

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Are you saving yourself bankrupt?

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Did you know the average South African spends 75% of their monthly after-tax income, servicing debt? It’s true! And the leading cause seems to be that we’re saving ourselves bankrupt! You read that right! Now I know this sounds silly, but the truth is many of us save the wrong way! We save R5 but […]

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Who cares?

Posted By Marilynh / 4 Comments

  Don’t you just wish banks would stop talking and start doing? Take a look at what Nedbank is doing to Communicate with, Advise, Reward and Entertain you. In short, CARE. Nedbank cares Don’t tell me you care, show me! We’ve all had these conversations with our partners or friends at some time in our […]

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Play your cards right

Posted By admin / 1 Comment

A credit card is both handy and safe. At this time of the year you certainly don’t want to be walking around with a wallet full of cash, but you do want to spoil your loved ones … and yourself! Now a credit card can be helpful too. At no charge to you, you can […]

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