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Seniors enjoy remarkable health benefits when they declutter

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The health benefits of decluttering are extraordinary. How does improving your state of mind in numerous ways, de-stressing and more sound?  Read on….     Cluttered, chaotic, disorderly spaces have major effects on seniors’ minds.  We don’t realize how this can affect our emotional well-being.  We certainly don’t need added stress when we live in […]

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District Six – Memories, Thoughts and Images

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Lest we forget.  An extraordinary book giving voice to ex-District Six residents whose memoirs make for sober, sometimes amusing, and most certainly fascinating reading.     Over the past 6 years, Editor Martin Greshoff has been working on compiling an anthology of memoirs and poetry of ex-District Six residents.  The book is a beautiful hardcover […]

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YEI Tech Tips for SA seniors – Cookies

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YEI’s Tech Tim August tip is all about Cookies, what they are and why its important for you to know what to do with them.   What is a Cookie? When you Google the question “What is a cookie” – this is the answer you get:     And while Tech Tim would love to have […]

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Why protein is important for a senior’s immune system

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  Taking extra care of your immune system to avoid getting sick has never been more important for SA seniors.  Protein helps your body fight illness at a cellular level, so for a strong immune system, make sure you are eating enough of it.   “To make a quick protein-rich snack, rinse a tin of […]

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