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Seniors expand their mobility through app-based taxi services

Posted By Marilynh / 4 Comments

Many South African seniors risk social exclusion because of the lack of transportation options.  Here’s a great solution!  Don’t dismiss this out of hand and assume that this article is not for you because it is to do with “apps”.  Bear with us, and read on….      Many South African seniors risk social exclusion […]

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Coping with grief and loss – a YEI reader story

Posted By Marilynh / 1 Comment

Cindy-Lou Gair found the courage and strength to face life after major tribulations in her life.  Cindy-Lou shares her insights on grief and the healing process     Cindy-Lou Gair has lived through gut-wrenching trauma, and come up on the other side as a healed individual, a fully functioning mother and a counsellor who is […]

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Death of a loved one – what to do

Posted By Marilynh / 15 Comments

A valuable checklist on how to take care of immediate business following the death of a loved one     Death, be it expected or unexpected, is always immensely hard to deal with.  Death is something that no-one is ever prepared for.  And if you are the person who has to deal with all the […]

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Overcoming challenges in Retirement

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Adjusting to retirement life for newly-minted retirees is not always easy and certainly not for the feint-hearted! But, challenges can be overcome….       Never has it been more important to seek your life’s purpose than in retirement. Life’s purpose is your mission in life, the glue, the cohesion, the meaning.   YEI has […]

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