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Downsizing and decluttering – what to do with all that “stuff”?

Posted By Marilynh / 4 Comments

You’ve been in the zone, the right frame of mind.  You’ve been ruthless, brutal and you purged.  You have successfully conquered the decluttering challenge!   But now what do I do with all this stuff?!!       A YEI reader, Peter, wrote: As we get older, there are occasions where we need to downsize […]

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Looking out for seniors – tips and advice

Posted By Marilynh / 1 Comment

South African seniors are considered a very attractive soft target to criminals, so security consciousness in the home, outside of the home and online must be highlighted and addressed all year round.       Criminals often prey on older members of society because they are seen as vulnerable, soft targets. Mr Jade Hanning, district […]

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The elderly and the water crisis in Cape Town

Posted By Marilynh / 10 Comments

The elderly and the water crisis in Cape Town – further update from the City of Cape Town – 2nd February 2018     Following its’ query to the City, You’ve Earned It has just received the following from the CoCT who has sourced comment from Alderman JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and […]

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Water-less alternatives to care for your car

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

Try these water-less alternatives to care for your car during the South African water crises. Looking after your car, one of life’s biggest investments, will save you money in the long run.   As we brace ourselves for the full impact of the new water restrictions starting February 1 2018, which limits personal usage to […]

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