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Owning a pet can improve a senior’s quality of life

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

Loneliness affects one in four senior people, but the good news is – there is one source of comfort and companionship that can benefit seniors in countless ways     A survey conducted recently at the University of Michigan showed that senior citizens can reduce isolation and loneliness by interacting with their furry friends.  Owning […]

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Seniors and driving – when is it time to put on the brakes?

Posted By Marilynh / 1 Comment

Two accidents in the recent past have put the spotlight on the driving ability of senior citizens – one incident involved an 80 year old in Jeffrey’s Bay, and the other involved a senior royal     In South Africa, there is no stipulated legal age at which you must stop driving.  An AA spokesperson […]

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Where do I start? Confront the clutter!

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

We brought in the experts.  Experts in their industry who reveal the best advice we have ever heard on the decluttering issue.  Now is your chance to get, and stay, organised.  Let’s look at All Sorted and Cloud 9’s best tips, tricks and strategies on what to do with all that stuff!     It’s […]

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Christmas comes early for Mango Guests

Posted By Admin Staff / 0 Comments

Mango Airlines is offering YOU an early Christmas pressie! Check out Mango Go Rewards with fantastic value up to R2,000 every time you book a flight. It doesn’t get much better than this!     My goodness, it’s September already! And that means Christmas is around the corner! Eek! You know, I never know how […]

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