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Pros and cons of senior house-sharing

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

In an era of individualism, you may think “Mmm, not for me”, but read on to see how house-sharing is fast becoming part of the new landscape of retirement     We live in an era of individualism, where this age-old concept of house-sharing can fall into a “Not for me!” category.  Having a stranger […]

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Owning a pet can improve a senior’s quality of life

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Loneliness affects one in four senior people, but the good news is – there is one source of comfort and companionship that can benefit seniors in countless ways     A survey conducted recently at the University of Michigan showed that senior citizens can reduce isolation and loneliness by interacting with their furry friends.  Owning […]

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RIP Carrol Boyes

Posted By Angela Watkins / 0 Comments

South African artist and designer Carrol Boyes, aged 65, has died after a brief illness     Carrol Boyes, the founder, creator and CEO of the The Carrol Boyes brand in Cape Town has died at the age of 65, after a brief illness. An iconic South African designer in her own right, Carrol Boyes created […]

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Celebrating EVERY woman this Women’s Month

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August is Women’s Month in South Africa, and it is time we started to celebrate and encourage each and every beautiful woman that calls this country home.     Somebody said that it is not enough to just celebrate Women’s Month in August. Instead, they said, we should rename the entire month to ‘Woman’. So […]

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