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Ageing home owners are still the biggest single source of home sales

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The ageing home owners are still the biggest single source of home sales, with upgrade-related and financial pressure-related selling remaining the other big ones. South Africa’s ageing population will be a key theme in the coming years, and is already a key one in the residential property market. As yet, we are some way off […]

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Seniors cash in – as landlords

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As the cost of living continues to rise and eat into retirement savings, senior citizens in many of SA’s established suburbs are unlocking some of the value in their large family homes – not by selling them, but by renting them out, and then becoming tenants themselves in smaller, easier-to-manage properties. “This emerging trend makes […]

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How to turn your "junk" into cash

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Interesting research from Gumtree shows that 9 out of 10 people have at least R10 000 worth of unwanted and unused items in our homes.  The baby boomer generation probably has a lot more than that – you might be in the same situation as Catherine.  Catherine has recently inherited not only her parents’ belongings on […]

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Time to buy property?

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My son and I often go to Table View on the weekends to surf.  Since the Seli I ran aground  the sand has stabilised around the wreck and, with the deep channels that form around stable sand, there have been some excellent waves in this area.  Murray was surprised the other day when I told […]

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