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Make your own cleaning products and save!

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You can make your own cleaning products with items from your store cupboard that work very well, smell good and save you money! Ingredients for your DIY cleaning products store cupboard: Bicarbonate of soda Cleans, deodorises, softens water and scours. White vinegar Excellent all-purpose household cleaner.  Cuts grease, removes mildew, odours, some stains, and wax […]

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Making sense of life rights

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While retirement should conjure up pleasant images of a rewarding and relaxing lifestyle, investment options such as life rights, can be confusing. The first priority for considering your retirement is to decide how you want to enjoy your retirement and it’s important to find somewhere to live from your active years right up to the […]

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Ageing home owners are still the biggest single source of home sales

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The ageing home owners are still the biggest single source of home sales, with upgrade-related and financial pressure-related selling remaining the other big ones. South Africa’s ageing population will be a key theme in the coming years, and is already a key one in the residential property market. As yet, we are some way off […]

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Seniors cash in – as landlords

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As the cost of living continues to rise and eat into retirement savings, senior citizens in many of SA’s established suburbs are unlocking some of the value in their large family homes – not by selling them, but by renting them out, and then becoming tenants themselves in smaller, easier-to-manage properties. “This emerging trend makes […]

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