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De-clutter to save and make money

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The last thought that comes to mind when making purchases or accepting a free giveaway is how full our lives already are with items that we rarely use or do not truly need, in other words clutter. “Clutter is the by-product of not making good decisions about what we buy and bring into our homes. […]

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Cash-strapped? YEI looks at how we can save on the food-front

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We are being squeezed for every cent of our hard-earned money.   Food price increases are significantly higher than the rate of inflation. Five years ago, one could go to your local supermarket and walk away with a trolley full of food that cost in the region of R450.  Nowadays, R450 equates to about two bags […]

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“Oldies” – single-most important driver of home sales

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The 4th quarter FNB Estate Agent Survey pertaining to the selling side of the residential market shows a very strong situation, with South Africa’s growing contingent of “oldies” continuing to be the single-most important driver of home sales, as they downscale due to “life stage”. In the FNB Estate Agent Survey, one of the questions […]

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Update your short-term insurance and save some cash

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

Just like taking your car to your dealer for a service or visiting your dentist once a year to check that everything is still in order, you might also want to consider revising your investment, banking and insurance portfolios. Johan van Greuning, Head of Standard Insurance Limited, says, “While having all the right financial solutions […]

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