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Truths about osteoporosis

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

It can be a painful, potentially deadly condition, but there’s much you can do it prevent it.   Myths and misunderstandings about osteoporosis keep many people from taking steps to prevent bone fractures that can seriously affect their quality of life. Don’t fall for these fractured truths:   “Osteoporosis is not that serious”   Osteoporosis […]

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Why severe illness cover has never been more vital

Posted By Angela W / 0 Comments

The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought a heavy toll, both emotionally and financially on South Africans but according to the 2021 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor, it has had the welcome effect of making many revise their attitude towards their money.     87% of respondents said that Covid-19 has made them rethink the way […]

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‘I love my home, but I no longer feel safe climbing the stairs…’

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

Home is where the heart is… but will the day come when you’ll face the heart-breaking decision to leave the home you love?     Finding your perfect place, filling it with memories and turning a house into a comfortable home can be the work of a lifetime. But as we grow older and our […]

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The 5 signs of chronic inflammation

Posted By Admin Staff2 / 0 Comments

Inflammation is a natural immune response – one of the ways that your body heals.  But when your body overreacts, ongoing inflammation can signal or cause serious health issues. Know the signs of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CIDs) and take early steps to address them.    Painful joints Sore joints after a strenuous workout are to […]

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