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I ❤ you

Posted By Angela Watkins / 0 Comments

Your heart, which started as a tiny spec when you were just a fertilized embryo, beat months before you were even born.  This heartbeat was the very first sign that you were alive and since then this same heartbeat has become the governor of your life. Your heart beats snuggly in a well-designed safe space […]

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Are you grounded?

Posted By Marilynh / 3 Comments

Falls are the leading cause of injury amongst 65-plussers.   Therefore, there is a 1 in 3 chance that you are at risk of having a fall (or falls) in your life.  The good news is that there are ways of learning simple fall–prevention strategies.  How?  Read on….     The human body operates best […]

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Why Acorn Stairlifts is South Africa’s #1 selling stairlift?

Posted By Admin Staff / 0 Comments

Needing freedom of mobility in your home with a stairlift? Find out how and why you can do this quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively while simultaneously complying with local legislation.     With Acorn you can have a stairlift installed within days of placing an order   Acorn Stairlift’s FastTrack® stairlift system has proven extremely successful, […]

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Grandma’s natural remedies can save you money!

Posted By Marilynh / 12 Comments

Some people think that natural remedies are far-fetched or just plain bizarre! However, you might find that a natural remedy works better than over-the-counter medication! Worth a try, we think…     Everyday products from your pantry can help your health and your pocket!   Check your pantry for everyday products that can help with […]

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