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Old Mutual research probes impact of financial pressures on South Africans

Posted By Angela W / 0 Comments

Fascinating results revealed in this Old Mutual research including details on the sandwich generation financially supporting grandparents, children, grandchildren and other relatives     Millions of South Africans are feeling heightened financial pressures due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown as well as the recent unrest that unfolded in some of our provinces, says Old […]

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Should we be concerned about proposals for a new state pension scheme?

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Chris Eddy, Head of Investments at 10X Investments speaks about the “proposed compulsory state pension system” that has been front and centre in the media this past week.     While 10X welcomes anything that advances the discussion on the topic of South Africans preparing financially for their old age, the furore in the media […]

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Choosing an annuity for retirement – which one is ‘just right’?

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Looking for a “just right” retirement annuity solution? Optimise your income over time, and better balance  the risk of outliving your savings.   Most of us are familiar with the fairy tale of the curious little girl.  This little girl entered  an empty cottage belonging to three bears.  She struggled to find the right fit, […]

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Tax Guide for South African Seniors – 2021

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Don’t stress!  Don’t tax your brain! Just check out this great Tax Guide for SA Seniors! All you need to know about how to complete your tax return!     It’s once again when Caesar ( SARS) call on its citizens to file their tax returns and that we do our tax duty for our […]

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