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Tax Guide for South African Seniors

Posted By Marilynh / 38 Comments

The very thought of tax is taxing on the brain!   Don’t let the e-filing Wizard (not a reference to Game of Thrones or Harry Potter!) become an insurmountable problem.  Rather check out this A-Z of how to complete your tax return!     How to complete your tax return: The first thing to ask is […]

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Krugerrand – the perfect gift for that special grandchild

Posted By Marilynh / 1 Comment

Why the Krugerrand is a traditional keepsake as well as the perfect gift that keeps on giving – a gift that brings good luck and the perfect choice to celebrate that new arrival in the family or an investment gift for a special grandchild ……           If you are looking for […]

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How savvy pensioners can get a 40% pay increase

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

In retirement, there is an instinctive fear of running out of money, even for those who seem to be well funded. Steven Nathan, founder and chief executive officer of 10X Investments, outlines one easy way to cut back on a major expense without compromising your lifestyle.     Few retirees realise that the cost of […]

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Challenges in obtaining insurance in retirement

Posted By Admin Staff / 0 Comments

How do those in retirement cope in challenging times? How do you efficiently plan how much to spend on necessary insurance products? Let’s take a look…     Managing the costs that come with everyday life is no easy feat for the majority of retirees in South Africa. Rising inflation means that many are left […]

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