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Tax Guide for SA Seniors – 2022

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

Your favourite Tax Guide is back. The tax season is with us! We, the tax abiding citizens have contributed to record tax collections for SARS in the 2021/2022 government financial year!! Here we go again! Let’s break the records to do our duty for our country and its citizens!     We need to bring […]

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Who can forget the Fuel crisis that occurred worldwide in 1979

Posted By Angela W / 2 Comments

In 1979 South Africans became accustomed to sky rocketing fuel prices, long queues and rationing.  Petrol per litre was a staggering  38 cents!  Imagine that!! Most wondered if we would ever recover from all the resultant price increases.    Fast forward 33 years and we are now paying more than R26 per litre.  South Africans and […]

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The markets are all over the place; you don’t need to be

Posted By Angela W / 0 Comments

After two years of exceptionally strong returns, this year’s market volatility means that most investments (except for the most defensive) are down year-to-date.     This is unsettling, we know, but it is important to remember that market declines are part and parcel of long-term investing. It is also worth noting that South African investors […]

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Retirement Report 2022 from Just SA

Posted By Angela W / 0 Comments

Retirement report suggests a mind shift in what pensioners want from their retirement income.     Retirement income specialist Just SA released the results of its 2022 independent retirement tracking study, which suggests a more permanent mind shift in what pensioners want from their retirement income – from flexibility to certainty. Having an income in […]

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