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Opportunity for experienced teachers

Posted By Angela W / 0 Comments

Calling all experienced teachers!  Educators who are available to work from home as tutor teachers for 4-6 hours per week, per grade, per subject, are being sought for paid positions     The vision for 50plus-skills is to build a community of healthy people over 50 who want to continue to learn, earn and serve. […]

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Longevity and technology collide for the 50plus generation

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

A sense of belonging, social interaction, longevity and technology all seem pretty disconnected. Not so! 50plus-skills looks at how all of these aspects are actually totally interweaved and connected.     Longevity starts at birth. Over the last 100 years with the increase in medical science, more people are living for longer. On average we […]

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Need to work post-retirement? Eight ideas for enterprising retirees

Posted By Marilynh / 12 Comments

Whether you have to work, want to supplement your income, need to be active in retirement and/or would like to follow a passion or interest, here are eight further ideas to consider based on your interests, your preference, your skills set or your background.     As a follow-up to a recent YEI article, Five […]

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Is your hobby the answer to your future?

Posted By Admin Staff / 0 Comments

Ever heard of a “hobby hub”? Ever thought about imparting your skills to the younger generation? Your skill could be your tomorrow! How? Read on…     The world of work is being disrupted by technology on many levels and brings us many new and exciting opportunities. As we grow older and are close to […]

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