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About “You’ve Earned It!”

About You’ve Earned It / YEI – the over-60s guide to discounts, benefits and savings

You’ve Earned It , also known as YEI,  is a niche website geared at South African over-60s – mostly retired baby boomers, seniors, pensioners and retirees.

The YEI Discounts and Benefits Directory
YEI has a comprehensive Discounts and Benefits Directory where seniors, retirees, pensioners and baby boomers can source discounts, savings, special offers and great deals.  Using the search facility in the top orange bar on the YEI homepage, readers can browse through the listings in the Discounts and Benefits Directory, and enjoy a host of great discounts, savings and benefits on offer.  YEI is all about discounts and savings for seniors.  One of YEI’s main aims is to put cash back into seniors’ pockets, as they’ve earned it!

If your business offers a pensioner discount, consider listing your business and enjoy all the benefits that go with listing on YEI!  Click here to find out more.

Articles and advertorials
YEI advertorials/articles are of great relevance and interest to South African over-60s.

YEI e-Newsletter
It is FREE to subscribe to the YEI e-Newsletter – be the first to hear about all the happenings at YEI.  The fortnightly e-Newsletter is packed with interesting articles PLUS updates on the latest over-60s discounts, benefits and savings.

YEI competitions
Competitions are very popular with YEI readers.  Ticket give-aways and competitions feature regularly on the YEI website and in the YEI e-Newsletter.  See the WIN with YEI page!

History of YEI
The book “You’ve Earned It! A guide to discounts and benefits for the over-fifties” was published in June 2008 by Double Storey, a division of Juta’s.  The book led the way for the YEI website which was launched in September 2011.  The current YEI website was revamped in April 2015.  Please note that the book has been discontinued.

Do come and join the YEI community – we look forward to welcoming you!