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What’s on offer? The benefits of browsing the YEI Directory

Posted By Marilynh / September 10, 2015 / 0 Comments

This is the first in a series of articles where we will give you information on how to use the You’ve Earned It website effectively and to your benefit.

Many of our readers think that the only way to source discounts in the YEI Directory is to painstakingly scroll, page-by-page, through the thousands of listings that start on the YEI homepage.  Let us put that thought  to rest.

There is a much simpler and more effective way to source discounts in your area.

The You’ve Earned It Directory gives its readers access to thousands of discounts, savings, special offers and great deals from a range of businesses throughout South Africa – from accommodation to wineries! The Directory can be accessed via the top orange bar on the YEI homepage.

Discounts and Benefits Directory

The YEI Directory is extensive, and grows on a daily basis. The Directory is organised via category (e.g. accommodation) and location (e.g. Gauteng).

Search for discounts via the search facility
• Go to the top orange bar on the YEI homepage
• Click on the drop down arrow in “All locations” – click on your choice of location
• Click on the drop down arrow in “All categories” – click on your choice of category
• Click on the search button.
• The results of your search will appear*.

*A useful feature that you might not be aware of is the “count” button which can be seen at the top of the results of your search. Click on the drop down arrow. Choose any number between 2 and 100, e.g. 15 – and 15 business listings will appear. For example, in your search, if you had clicked on Accommodation in Gauteng, and you change the “count” button to 15, 15 different establishments in Gauteng will feature in your search results. No need to scroll page by page! It’s that simple!

Discounts and Benefits on the YEI homepage

You will see the latest Directory listings on the YEI homepage. The latest business listing always appears at the top of this section. You can browse through the very latest Directory listings, page-by-page, six to a page.

Discounts and Benefits in YEI e-Newsletter

YEI sends out free e-Newsletters twice a month. One e-Newsletter features articles and advertorials. The second e-Newsletter features our top business listings of the month.

If you feel that a business listed in the YEI Directory warrants this accolade of top business listing of the month, please let us know!

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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