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Supplement your pension! Become a YEI Seniors Benefits Activist!

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Here’s an opportunity to either supplement or save your hard-earned pension

Become a YEI Seniors Benefits Activist,
and simultaneously help your fellow pensioners



  • Would you like to help yourself and your fellow pensioners?
  • Would you like to source businesses in your local area that assist seniors, pensioners and retirees?
  • Would you like YEI to assist you in supplementing your pension?

YEI, an invaluable resource for seniors, is dedicated to serving the South African senior market.  The savings and benefits sourced and communicated by YEI make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of seniors. 

We invite YOU to become a YEI Seniors Benefits Activist and reap the rewards! 

Do you know of businesses in your local area that offer savings and benefits to pensioners, or businesses that are of interest to SA seniors?   Chat to your butcher, your baker, your fabulous dressmaker!  And all the local businesses in your area!  If they sign up with YEI, you receive a Finder’s Fee!  What are you waiting for?  You’ve Earned It!

All you need to do is read the further information below on the YEI Seniors Benefits Activist Programme…   And then sign up for the YEI Seniors Benefits Activist Programme today! 


INFORMATION:   YEI Seniors Benefits Activist


About You’ve Earned It

  • YEI is the brand synonymous with South African over-60s – dedicated to serving the senior market.
  • YEI is a trusted go-to resource for baby boomers, seniors, retirees and pensioners.
  • YEI is an invaluable tool for any business wishing to access this market.
  • YEI has the biggest Directory for seniors in South Africa, and it’s growing!
  • The savings and benefits sourced and communicated by YEI make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of seniors.
  • YEI content is relevant, informative, interesting, up-to-date and meaningful. Readers of the content have the opportunity to save some hard-earned pension, enrich their lives and read about issues that are specific to them. 


What is a YEI Seniors Benefits Activist?

A YEI Seniors Benefits Activist is a YEI reader who

  • would like to supplement his/her pension
  • sees YEI as an invaluable resource for seniors
  • sources new businesses in their area who offer savings and/or benefits to pensioners


What will I be doing as a YEI Seniors Benefits Activist?

  • Speaking to owners of businesses in your area. Finding out if they currently offer a savings or benefit to pensioners, or if they would be willing to offer a discount to pensioners.
  • If so, you will ask them if they would like to be featured in the You’ve Earned It
  • If there is interest, you will send us an email with the owner’s name, business name, address, email address and phone number.


What YEI requires from you:

  • You need a phone, and access to a PC, the internet and email
  • YEI Seniors Benefits Activists need to sign up with YEI – see below.
  • YEI Seniors Benefits Activists will send leads through via email – with the business name, name of owner, owner’s phone number and owner’s email address.
    An email which says “I have spoken to Mr/Ms xxx – they are interested in receiving further information on how to list their business in the YEI Directory”


What YEI can offer you?

  • Finder’s Fee of R100 per business listing. The Finder’s fee is only paid when the business signs up with YEI and pays for a business listing for R950. 
  • Once the business signs up, the YEI Seniors Benefits Activist will be asked for banking details.
  • Finder’s fees are paid monthly, on the 25th of every month.


Businesses that we are looking for:

  • Businesses that are not currently in the YEI Directory
  • Local, small and medium-size businesses – your butcher, baker and local dressmaker
    Examples: accommodation, restaurants, coffee shops, hairdressers, plumbers, electricians, butchers, beauty salons, florists, garden centres, golf clubs, hearing specialists, locksmiths, kennels, car washes, mechanics, local places of interest, optometrists, pet parlours, security services, shuttle services, TV and video repair services


How do I sign up?

  • Start earning today –
    Send YEI (info@youve-earned-it.co.za) an email with the following details:

    name, email address, phone numbers, full address including suburb, town and province, ID number


Ts and Cs

  • Please do not contact national chains.
  • Please do not contact businesses that are already in the YEI Directory.
    See instructions below.
  • YEI will not accept lists of businesses that have been sourced from a local directory or the internet. YEI Seniors Benefits Activist must speak to business owner personally. 
  • Should business be approached by 2 or more YEI Seniors Benefits Activists, then Finder’s fee will be paid to the first YEI Seniors Benefits Activist who sent the information in, in other words, First come, first served. Seniors Benefits Activist to be advised if lead has already been sent in. 
  • YEI will not be promoted by YEI Seniors Benefits Activists through unsolicited or spam emails.


How to check if business is already in the YEI Directory

  • Go to the YEI homepage.
  • The YEI Directory is clearly marked in the top orange bar. 
  • Let’s use the name “ABC Plumbers” as the example.
  • You will see the words “YEI Directory – search for discounts and benefits” in the orange bar.
  • Type the name ABC Plumbers in this section.
  • Click on “Search”
  • If the results states “Showing 0 of 0 Items”, you may proceed to contact ABC Plumbers.



Please note: YEI reserves the sole right to accept or reject listings and/or content in its entirety at our sole discretion and without explanation, if we believe that such listing or content may be detrimental to the welfare of our readers and/or is not suitable as the type of benefits/discounts/services which we aim and/or are allowed to list. YEI’s focus is on actual and factual products/benefits/discounts (for example, discount on accommodation etc.), and not risk-related products or adverts that hold a promise which may pose a risk to our clients’ welfare if the promise is not met. As YEI has a general duty of care towards its clients, YEI reserves the sole right to remove, suspend or discontinue the listing of any company who discontinues their benefit or discount or fails in their offering to the YEI market – at our sole discretion and without explanation. YEI undertakes not to sell or share the information to any third party, but companies that are part of the listings, should note that information supplied by yourselves will be visible to registered YEI members. Please refer to YEI’s Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

11 April 2017


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