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Have your say – comments and feedback from YEI members

Posted By admin / July 21, 2016 / 2 Comments

Feedback from one of the winners of tickets to The Illusionists

Thank you and YEI for running competitions for all the retired people who subscribe to your newsletter. I was fortunate enough to win 2 tickets to the Cape Town show of The Illusionists which my son and I thoroughly enjoyed. We were fascinated by all the performers but especially Den Den – The Manipulator from Korea. Not saying a word, he enthralled the audience with his slight of hand performance. There were a couple of minor hiccups but being opening night, it was understandable. Thank you again for the tickets.
Colin Swan

Feedback from a winner of one of the Spur vouchers

David Smith was one of the winners of a Spur voucher.  He had this to say:

Thanks so much for the Spur voucher – it’s not often that I win a prize!  My story was about the great meal I had at the Golden Spur, many years ago. Well, I took the same girl to the Michigan Spur to redeem the voucher.

David and Anneke Smith

Feedback from winners of Yusuf Cat Stevens in concert

Just to give you some feedback, we went to the Yusuf Cat Stevens concert at The Dome last night and had a great time, it was a wonderful show, he played all his old hits and many other songs, a great backing band as well. We had actually forgotten how many hit songs he has had, a great entertainer, and the crowd wouldn’t let him go at the end after several encores.  Thanks very much for the tickets we really appreciated it! 
Peter and Sue Cole

I want to thank you with all my heart for allowing my husband and I to win the tickets to see Yusuf Cat Stevens. His show was outstanding. The guitars he played during the show, [he changed a few times,] were magical. The sound was mind blowing, I am definitely more of a fan now than I ever was before. For a man of his age, he still sounds phenomenal, I have to admire his strength, he played for two hours and never got tired!!!!! Thank you Cat Stevens for such a wonderful experience!!!!
Hughie and Billie Robinson

I just wanted to once again thank you for the two tickets I won To Yusuf Cat Stevens.  My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. He is still wonderful.  Thanks so much.
Sandy Kruger

Feedback from winner – Cape Town Concert Series

I was the lucky recipient of 2 concert tickets at the Baxter and this is just a little THANK YOU …….what a lovely evening of some really good music.  Both Amalia & José are both such talented young people (and quite easy on the eye too J )……Thanks again!!

Feedback from the winner of the Caledon Hotel competition

Just a short email to thank you once again for the wonderful prize of a night’s stay at the Caledon, including a dinner voucher and breakfast. We went through last Thursday (12th).  It was a real treat.  The staff were very friendly and helpful, and we had a really good time. I’ve decided I’ll more than likely go back for a weekend at some stage.  A big thank you to all those concerned.

YEI Birthday greetings

Here is a selection of  greetings from YEI members on the occasion of YEI’s 6th birthday:

MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY YEI……this is such an awesome website and through you I have managed to visit Kruger and am now planning a European tour (although haven’t seen any good adverts on the site yet) and enjoyed many other local offers. I am so pleased that you started it and managed to sustain it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Message to Marlene:  Please see FCT’s latest article on the YEI website regarding their latest European tour.

Wishing all the YEI team a Happy Birthday and thank you for all the interesting items in the newsletters. Good to be able to take advantage of being ancient!
Kind regards

Best wishes and congratulations on your sixth birthday
Lois Carol Wessels

Feedback from winner of Barnyard tickets

Thanks again for the wonderful prize which I shared with nine family members and friends last Saturday at the Barnyard Cresta. We thorougly enjoyed the show UK vs USA. It was a great nostalgia trip with most of the songs coming from the era in which we grew up. The cast were professional and slick and a great time was had by all.
Lennard Gronemann, Paulshof

Feedback from YEI winner of tickets to Disney On Ice

YEI loves getting feedback from our winners – Colin Honeywill, one of the Johannesburg winners of tickets to Disney On Ice, sent YEI this photograph of his grandchildren enjoying the show!  We were thrilled to see that these gorgeous children were having a great time!


Colin Honeywill’s grandchildren loving the Disney On Ice show in Johannesburg



Comment from new YEI subscriber

Hi there, I am retiring from work on Friday 30th June and have signed up to your newsletter. Thank you so much for such a marvellous source of information to help cope with becoming a pensioner.

Feedback from YEI readers

Thank you for this awesome competition and YEI Newsletters, I love them.
Denise Ritchie

Comment from one of the winners of the Mediclinic Prime Luxury Health Retreat held recently at the African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa

A few words to thank you for the super time that Sue and I enjoyed at the Conference at African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa last weekend. The organization and facilities were superb and the speakers’ content was of a high standard and very practical. We were made right at home from the moment of arrival on Saturday morning to the farewell on Sunday afternoon. Elsabe was a fantastic programme director and kept us on time during the conference and in fits of laughter with her stories and jokes. Estelle’s organization was perfect.   Lastly, thank you Marilyn for all you are doing at You’ve Earned It for us senior citizens.
God bless you.
Trevor and Sue Douglas   

Comment from winner of 10 Barnyard Theatre tickets

Just a quick note to let you know that our group of 11 people (one person bought an extra ticket) thoroughly enjoyed our evening out.  The entertainment from our era was excellent and even the three youngsters in our group had an appreciation for the “Golden Oldies”!  Don’t be surprised if you find a rapid increase in the YEI membership and regular visits to Barnyard Willowbridge from members of our party.  Oh, and the Pizza’s ordered in was also great and good value for money.  Thank you for all the arrangements to make this happen.
J.P. (Koos) van der Spuy


Feedback from winner of the book Dead to Me  by Lesley Pearse

Oh boy you have just made my day.   I LOVE Lesley Pearce’s books.
Yvonne Lawlor


Feedback from winner of tickets to “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” in Cape Town

Thank you so much for affording my husband and I the opportunity to watch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!  We definitely do not have enough words to describe the brilliance of this wonderful show.  We were overawed with the fantastic performance of the artists and the most beautiful costumes.  The stunning show is highly recommended! 
Vivien Kensley


Feedback from winner of tickets to “The Sound of Music” at the Playhouse in Durban

It was absolutely fantastic, a top notch production worthy of the West End.  I had to try really hard not to sing out loud!!  Thanks once again.
Terry & Tony Babb


Feedback from winner of Cirque Eloize iD tickets

Thank you so much for affording us the opportunity to see this brilliant show.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Vivien Kensley

Just a note to let you know that we went to see Cirque Eloise yesterday evening at Montecasino and enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you and YEI again for our tickets, we had a great evening.
Hazel Trittner


Feedback from the winner of the Mediclinic Prime luxury health retreat – Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa in Muldersdrift

Hello, OH MY the Mediclinic Retreat was awesome, everything was so perfect and we had so much fun. We learned a lot and I will tell all my friends about it.
Ullricke van Zyl

Ullricke van Zyl and her twin sister, Gabie Vermeulen

Ullricke van Zyl and her twin sister, Gabie Vermeulen

Feedback from Barnyard winners

What a wonderful show .From beginning till the very end I was entranced by this production, especially “Pink” (I apologise that I didn’t get her name) who is like the energizer Bunny. Then we have Freddy Mercury who just wows the audience.  The parts of Cher, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, and most of all Billy Joel.
This is a must not miss show.   Thank you for allowing me to experience this production.
David Evans

A friend and I went along to the Barnyard Cresta on Sunday afternoon to see “80s Rewind”, and had a wonderfully nostalgic time re-living the music of our youth.  The show was glamorous and professional, and we loved it. Thank you for the tickets!
Marguerite Espley-Jones

Comments from YEI readers about YEI’s 5th birthday

We have recently come on board, and look forward to seeing the specials on offer every month. Happy Birthday, this is a really great newsletter!

Happy 5th Birthday, YE!  Congratulations & great job, Marilyn & the YE! team!

May the future be as successful as the past 5 years. It was an absolute pleasure to receive the newsletter thus far. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all your hard work over the last 5 years – happy birthday. your work is highly appreciated!

Best wishes on your Fifth Birthday hope that you will continue the interesting good work for many more years – thank you

Happy, happy birthday!

Feedback from the Slava Snow show winner

Thank you so much for the 2 complimentary tickets as well as arrangement for the additional tickets to Slava Show at Artscape – we enjoyed it thoroughly!  The balcony seats gave us a good overall perspective of the show, but  I believe that the floor seats must have been an exceptional experience!
Kind regards
Karin Jacobs


Feedback from a Barnyard Theatre show  winner

Just a short note to say a very, very, BIG THANK YOU for the most wonderful evening my friends and I had last night on the “27/08”. We attended the 1 Hit Wonder show. All ten of us thoroughly enjoyed the evening. There was never a dull moment from start to finish, We were upset when the show came to an end. We had more than just our toes tapping, even some of our table took to dancing in the aisle. The show was very well put together. The table we were allocated was in the centre of the stalls floor and we all had a wonderful view, could not have been better if I had chosen this table myself. The cash bar system really works and all the barmen are very cheerful, as well as polite and pleasant. I at this stage must say the one barman, I did not get his name was most entertaining and very efficient (he is the one wearing the peak cap with the sunglasses on the rim). After a couple of minutes conversation I asked him if he was one of the performers as he is really an all-rounder and an asset to the business. Once again thank you for the prize and the opportunity of spending a wonderful evening in the company of good friends, music and great entertainment.


Feedback from Body Worlds Vital exhibition winners

Many thanks for the opportunity to visit the exhibition. We were absolutely stunned with the detail and information provided. How this was accomplished must be a story of its own! The bodies in various poses were showing so much, one could easily be accused of staring.  The basketball player for me was striking. The effects on your body through excessive drinking, obesity or smoking makes one wish everyone should visit and look and learn. The HIV section can not be over stated in our country and should be included in all school programs. Our lasting memory is how small we all start off as a foetus and how that small speck grows and develops into such a complicated form as a human being. Again many thanks. Loved the day
Kind regards


Just to let you know that we had a fantastic time at the Body Worlds Vital exhibition today. We spent about 2.1/2 hours going through the exhibition.  The audio guides were excellent – even if some of the commentaries were missing and the hand sets became a little confused at times! We can thoroughly recommend this exhibition to everyone – it really gives a good appreciation of the human body and what a complex system it comprises.  The exhibition also gives one a valuable insight into what can go wrong and what happens if one abuses one’s body.  Thank you again for the complimentary tickets.
Yours sincerely
Fred & Frances Chittenden


 Retailers – please make our lives easier by offering a pensioner discount every day of the week, not just a specific day

I am sure that we all appreciate the discounts offered by various businesses and organisations, but I also believe some of us have difficulty in remembering on which day which store offers a discount – for example, the discount at Builder’s Warehouse is on Wednesdays; I think DionWired offers a discount on Tuesdays; Game offers a discount on Wednesdays (I think); Shoe Empire offers it on Tuesdays.  The point is, we are all in the said age group every single day of the week, so why should the discount only be available on specific days – and also  bear in mind the older one becomes, the harder it is to remember the special days!  Come on guys – if they can give a discount on a specific  day why can’t the offer it every day and make our lives a little bit easier!
Dave Ducie


Thoughts on shopping for one, and more…

Thanks for your page and I read your articles which I find are very helpful.  Today I happened to be thinking about letting my cottage, and lo and behold, there was an article about renting.

I wish to say how glad I am that you are tackling Mnet.  There are so many companies doing discounts for pensioners, yet with DSTV and Mnet we still pay full price.  I, for one, am having to seriously think about my contract as it is becoming exorbitantly expensive.  As a widow, living out of town, tv is really my only entertainment.  Thank you for doing this.

One small thing I find difficult now is – buying for one!  Local supermarket shelves are well stocked, (usually), but buying small amounts for one person is a nightmare.  Buying loose fruit and vegetables is obviously the way to go, but everything else is packed in amounts for four or more!  Checkers, I find, has a small pack of vegs which is enough for two meals for me, but even these are very limited.  I have suggested to my local supermarkets that maybe they could set aside a small area where they keep small amounts for us singletons.  Seems to go straight in one ear and out the other though.  I freeze where I can (large tins of tomatoes etc) but even the small tins are expensive and it is not financially viable to buy small tins.  I do like variety and I buy fresh wherever possible, but on a very limited budget, this is becoming a juggling act.  Have you any suggestions?
Stella La Reservee


An email from a YEI reader

Thank you for such a good website
Richard Stephens


Feedback from Mediclinic Prime Retreat winners

Mediclinic winner of retreat

A great and heartfull THANK YOU to YEI for the wonderful prize I’ve been rewarded – compliments of Mediclinic Prime.  A friend and I were able to stay over at the beautiful Arabella Sheraton near Kleinmond for one night and be part of the Mediclinic Prime Retreat Programme. We were welcomed by a very friendly and helpful lady, Estelle, who was in contact with me to make all of the prior arrangements for our stay.  All the people there were so friendly and helpful. We also truly enjoyed the photographer’s spontaneous personality. He made us giggle quite a few times (Frankie was his name). The warm welcome from Mediclinic was appreciated and we absolutely loved every single minute of this exciting event. The talks by professional Doctors and Specialists were indeed interesting and very educational. We could have our ears, eyes, sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. tested, all free of charge! Dr Darren Green, who was the MC for the event, was an absolute pleasure to experience. He was friendly and humorous and his energy created a delightful atmosphere. What an awesome, talented man!   Mediclinic spoilt us rotten with the most amazing gifts and treats. Our table was also constantly refreshed with water and a bowl of our favourite sweeties. Another amazing part was that Liberty Life had a lucky draw and the winner was rewarded with a night’s stay at the Arabella Sheraton. You will probably not believe me if I say that I was the winner. Believe it or not – I was! So that was just the cherry on top. The buffets that we could enjoy for every single meal were absolutely delicious. We’ve tasted almost everything that was there with every single meal (4 meals in total). Not to even talk about all the tea and biscuit breaks in between. Now that says it all. We had to go on a diet when we returned home on Monday – our cholesterol probably sky rocketed and our pants’ buttons struggled to button comfortably! But it was all well worth it. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for this amazing prize and experience – it was truly a great weekend and will most definitely be remembered for a very long time.

Warmest Regards
Christine Taylor


Thank you so much for the awesome Arabella Spa Health Retreat that we won. What an amazing experience! We will be back for the next one.

Kind regards
Gail du Bois


Feedback from winner of Tsitsikamma Village Inn prize


Tsitsikamma prize winner smaller

I took up the prize of an overnight stay at Tsitsikamma Village Inn last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. We extended our stay with one night and had a lovely weekend getaway. The location was beautiful and the accommodation very good, we loved the grassy village square with several buildings in different styles around it. Hubby and I stayed in the lovely “Forget Me Not” cottage, built in the style similar to the Victorian woodcutters cottages but with mod cons inside. As it was very cold, especially at night, the electric blanket and furry throw were really appreciated.  The breakfast buffet offered a wide choice of items and everything looked and tasted superb. We did not have supper at the Village Inn but ate at the adjoining Marilyn’s 60’s diner, which was decorated with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, with music to match. That was fun and the food was plenty, good and very reasonably priced. Old cars and motorbikes of the 50’s displayed at the diner are also a draw card.  We did not partake in extreme sports but did enjoy walking in one of the many forest trails nearby. Loving the huge indigenous forest trees, ferns and fungi and being amused by the antics of a troop of baboons with playful youngsters.  Thank you for running the competition with a stay at the Village Inn as prize and thank you for picking me as a winner!

Kind regards
Jeltje van den Bosch


An email from one of the winners of Slava Snow Show tickets

Hi there – I would like to thank YEI for giving us the opportunity to see this show last night – it was certainly a “different” type of show, but also most entertaining, and one where the audience seemed reluctant to leave afterwards!  We thoroughly enjoyed it!
Thanks a million!
Dave Ducie


Ann Tiran, the winner of the Napier Retirement Village competition had this to say:

Dear Marilyn and co-workers

David and I would like to thank you for the weekend which we could spend at Napier Retirement village…It was most enjoyable to visit and look at all the shops and buildings especially in the main street…. pity Sunday rained but we could still go out, and managed a visit to Agulhus for a fish/calamari lunch and then a visit to Bredasdorp and the Shipwreck museum – very interesting.

I also visited a friend, Willemine Leves van Liewenhuizen up on the hill whom I have not seen for many years

A special THANK YOU to Eksteen for the most generous dinner voucher- we had fabulous stuffed pork neck and the cherry on top was the fantastic cheese cake- one of the best I have ever tasted…Pascall’s is a very special intimate place and we loved the atmosphere.

This weekend was really a treat for us and we enjoyed it…Napier will most probably see us again.

Except for Lesley [Monday morning] and Bernadette, we also met Jay and Mary-Anne and spent Saturday evening watching the rugby with them.

We are glad that we could meet Eksteen for breakfast on Monday morning and spend some time chatting especially about the ODENDAL/ODENDAAL family tree.

Thank you also for making this possible through YEI

Ann and David Tiran

Kind regards
Ann Tiran


Comment from a reader who won Barnyard tickets

Thank you, we had a fantastic evening. The Tribute to ABBA and Queen was fantastic, thanks again.
Frans and friends

Thanks for a great publication!

This is the best newsletter issued by you ever
Referring to Issue 75 – 8 June 2016

Thank you for a very interesting read

I find the newsletter very interesting and helpful to us “evergreens”

So enjoy your newsletter. Thank you for all you do for “us oldies”!

Many thanks for receipt of the YEI newsletters – they are invaluable to me as a pensioner.

Your latest newsletter is excellent and the article “How to save money on your food bill in 2016″ provided some good tips. The article “Sometimes quality is worth the additional expense” mentioned Gnld (Golden Products) Washing Powder. It is top quality and “cost effective” as mentioned. Mine lasts 10 or 11 months for a 2 kg packet.

Great offers & Savings!

So interesting and informative – thank you


thank you YEI

Maureen Brown, one of the winners of 10 tickets to the Barnyard Theatre of her choice, had a fantastic time at Cresta Barnyard Theatre on Sunday 24 January with some of her friends.
Thanks again to YEI for the tickets. Keep up the good work.
Regards, Maureen Brown
Thank you, Maureen, for sharing your photo and comments with us!! Keep entering those competitions – you never know!! Thank you for being a YEI supporter!!

Thank you for a wonderful newsletter.

Always so beneficial reading YEI Newsletters!! Thank you

In response to YEI being nominated as first-runner-up in the Business section of the SA Blog Awards – WOW and well done!  Great news and I hope YEI has a successful year

You’ve Earned It donated a huge, iced Christmas cake to the residents of Sunnyside Lodge, Plumstead – for them to enjoy with their tea on Christmas Day.  Here is the response from Sunnyside Lodge:

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas cake for the elderly.  Kindly receive our heartfelt thank you towards the donation of the beautiful Christmas cake. The elderly always look forward to a treat as they don’t always receive treats.  On behalf of the elderly we want to say ‘thank you’ and we appreciate your generosity that you have shown to Sunnyside Lodge.  Everything of the best to you and your family over the festive season. Happy Holidays!
Kind regards
Colette Adams
Fundraiser co-ordinator, Sunnyside Lodge, Plumstead, Cape Town

May you have a successful and prosperous 2016. God bless you for all the efforts you put into this most informative page and website. Appreciate it.

Want to thank you for all the editions of YOU’VE EARNED IT sent to me this year, always find them informative & interesting with lots of specials for us, Senior citizens! Keep up the excellent work! In the spirit of the season, may your holiday season be filled with an abundance of joy & happiness!

I trust you will have a blessed time and all the best for 2016. May You’ve Earned It reach new heights. Thanks for all that you do for us.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information/articles/offers etc., via your ‘You’ve-earned- it’ pages … I so enjoy reading all, and find it very interesting and valuable.

You’ve Earned It is an extremely good web site for all over 60’s and I can recommend it highly!

YEI is a great publication and service-keep up the good work.

This is just a quick email from a very grateful prize winner.
My husband and I have just spent a weekend in Tulbagh as we had been lucky enough to win a weekend’s accommodation at Alfa Apartments, through your website.
Mandy Kriel was a wonderful host and had provided our every need. Her thoughtfulness knows no bounds – she is truly the salt of the earth.
I have of course written my thanks to her but I felt that you should be aware of our appreciation as well. I really, really enjoy your website with all the very helpful articles.
Kind regards,
Jeanette Bosch

By the way, thanks for all the info. on SASSA in an article some months ago . Really very informative and gave a great deal of info. they don’t normally share with would be applicants, especially one’s assets ceiling  My husband is applying.  Many thanks for the constant updated info.  Really appreciated.

Thanks for the informative and great YEI site – you no doubt don’t feel appreciated by the “IT Audience” you reach,  but it is well received and your work appreciated, by Pensioners like ourselves.
Stan & Dawn

Congrats!  Love the new-look site!

My email address has changed to xx, so would you kindly change my profile in your records,  otherwise I’ll miss your very interesting newsletter.

Thrilled to have discovered YEI – Listening to Cape Talk this morning I heard Marilyn phone in and mention YEI. I flew to my pc and joined up! What a fantastic site. I’m 61 and a professional but at present jobless. I have lots of friends so will tell them about you NOW!  You’ve just made my Monday!

I’m always excited  when I receive your e-newsletter YEI as it is always so informative and empowering.

A toast to YEI! Congrats and best wishes to Marilyn and her team as YEI! enters its second year in business. In a highly competitive online or e-environment one can only appreciate what’s been achieved, mostly with passion, determination, a belief in the product and a desire to make a difference for its clients and members – quality articles, blue-chip advertisers, engaged members and a growing list of advertisers wanting to reach the over 50 market with discounts and benefits. We’ve also seen YEI! evolve as it shapes the product to meet the needs of the target market and its sponsors and advertisers.
Mostly, YEI! is an example for all Over 50’s who still have dreams to chase – go out there and make it happen. Way to go Marilyn!!

I just love this organisation – I have had a great deal of info and discounts – keep up the good work. Best wishes for 2013!
kind regards
Lois Carol Wessels

Thank you for your ongoing good work.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labours even more in the near future because I’m taking early retirement at the end of the year!

Thanks for your interesting newsletter and specials

I wait every month with bated breath to open your newsletter.  What an amazing service you do for the seniors.  Keep it up. We all, am quite sure, appreciate it soooo much.

May Father bless your endeavor to make a difference for His children….

I went to Mike McWatts to have my hair coloured, so professional, wonderful job. Thanks.

Thanks for the letter each month – interesting and informative.

Thanks so much for your interesting and informative YEI Newsletters.

I just love getting every newsletter and just wish I could take retirement right now!

Looks like many interesting articles to peruse.
Well done

My husband and I bought the Senior Citizen reduced priced tickets from Artscape to see the Jersey Boys via YEI. I wouldn’t have known about the discounted prices if I wasn’t on your mailing list!
Many thanks

Many thanks for all the wonderful work you’re doing.

Thank you for all the interesting, useful, important and exciting information and news that you offer to us older folk.

Thank you once again for an informative and very appealing E –magazine.  Well Done!

Thank you for my first Newsletter which I am looking forward to reading!
May you all go from strength to strength and keep up the good work.

Great job!!

I just love this organisation – I have had a great deal of info and discounts – keep up  the good work.

I am very interested to be a member, find the information very helpful, thank you.

Thanks for replying so promptly, as I am sure, that you are a very busy person.
With someone like you at the helm, YEI will definitely do well.
I enjoyed seeing the article about you (and YEI) in the Rooi Rose, as I was already one of your members.
Congratulations on the job you are doing.

Its fun to be part of you.
Thanks Hazel

Yes! You are doing a fantastic job for all of us!

Thanks for an interesting and informative newsletter!

YEI is such a marvellous idea and seems to be so popular.     I know your offers give us so many perks.

YEI is such a wonderful idea. Being on pension now we have to watch money carefully.  Thank you so much.  We are enjoying looking on your website regularly.

Keep up the good work – we appreciate what you are doing.

Many thanks for all the news and views in the newsletters received.

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  • Mrs van Eeden
    April 14, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Hello. I am new to YE! and so far enjoyed your newsletters. I missed your article on SASSA a nd would appreciate you emailing me the article.
    I tried to register on the Mediclinic form for Seniors but found I was unable to enter the fact that I am on the Incentive Scheme. It does not allow for this section to be completed. I also found that by completing the physical address it does not allow one to enter the Postal address if not the same as the physical. Please help.
    Carry on with the good work – we golden oldies appreciate it.
    Kind regards

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