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WINNERS: 4 Spur vouchers to the value of R250 each

Posted By Marilynh / November 6, 2017 / 1 Comment

Spur 50th birthday


We are delighted to announce that the winners of the 4 Spur vouchers to the value of R250 each are:
JP Le Roux, Beryl Degueldre,  Orit Sela and David Smith

Congratulations – what an awesome prize you have won!

Many thanks to the Spur for affording YEI the opportunity to run this lovely competition.

Entrants for this competition were asked to share their best memories of Spur.
Please see the winning memories below –


Winners entries

JP Le Roux 
It was back in 1994 when my parents arranged a special date for me and this girl that used to live just 2 blocks away from us. Her parents were good friends with my parents and this was a match made in heaven according to them. I was working at a Panel beating workshop and this evening of the date, I completely forgot about it! I was supposed to meet her at Spur at 6pm and I was still wearing an oil-drenched overall at 5.44pm.  I got into my car and made my way home as fast as I could!  There wasn’t even time to shower so I just jumped into a clean pair of jeans and totally forgot about a shirt! When I got to Spur, the manager offered me his spare shirt which was in his car and he gave me a few Spur wet wipes to clean my hands and a few oil streaks on my face. I quickly ran across the street, bought her flowers to say sorry for being late and everything went great! We got married 2 years later and we’re still married. Thank you Spur for great memories! 


Beryl Degueldre
My greatest memories of the Spur was at the Gardens Centre Branch, in the Gardens [sadly no more Spur there 🙁   Back in the day, myself,  and the people dearest to me, (my son (now 36) and my mother who passed away 3 years ago), spent so many times at the Spur.  The friendly staff made it such a pleasant experience and being a single mother, times were tough, but a visit to the Spur was always affordable.  I could give my son a special day, with Happy Birthday being sung to him, the sparkler on the food, etc.    My mother and I used sit there for hours, reminiscing about life – memories I will cherish forever.  Just recently I’ve moved in with my sister in Melkbosstrand for the first time.  With my son now living his busy life, I now regularly spend my time at the Spur with my sister.  Over a bottle of wine and a good steak, overlooking the sea, we share our problems, but, sharing the same sense of humour, we never leave without a good laugh about something or other.


Beryl DegueldreFeedback from Beryl

Herewith a pic of me and my sister at the Melkbosstrand Spur to celebrate our voucher.  Many thanks once again.



Orit Sela
My best memories of Spur goes back to the 1980’s, when we had just immigrated to South Africa with two girls age 5 and 8 years of age. We asked friends where can we go to a restaurant that is child friendly and serves real good food.   We were told about Spur, and the first Spur we visited was the one in Stellenbosch.  We had the first best meal in S.A. The menus were the wooden ones, and my favourite drink was one called “John Lee” (coca cola with real lemon juice).  We used to love the selection of their Salad Valley!  For years we celebrated every birthday at Spur with a free meal, and all through the years, we have loved going to the Spur very often.   My daughter, now 44 years old, was just telling her 12 year old daughter the other day about her childhood Spur memories and the wooden menu !! Good old days…..Thank you Spur for the fond memories.


David Smith
It was busy in Newlands that evening and I had to park my Mini 850 about half a mile away from the Golden Spur. We got out of the car and could smell the steaks cooking from far away. My mouth started to water. We stood in a queue and eventually got a table. Had a good look at the wooden menus and decided to splash out on two Sirloin steaks – costing just over R2 each! Oh, and a bottle of Autumn Harvest Ruby for 35 cents. The place was packed, the vibe was great – George McCrae singing ‘Rock your Baby’. The waitress brought us our coleslaw together with a small container of mayonnaise. The steaks arrived. I had a heavenly bite and decided at that point that it was my duty to visit every Spur in the country. I started my quest, but unfortunately, Spur was too successful and opened far more steakhouses countrywide than I could possibly hope to visit…



Spur 50th birthday menu


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One Comment

  • Ronell du Toit
    November 13, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    I Reallly enjoyed reading the Winners’ Memories which they shared!
    Thank you for affording us the opportunity!

    Kind Regards

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