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Mango Airlines – Adspace A – Oct 2015 to March 2016 onwards


Mango offers great discounted fares to senior travellers

Posted By Marilynh / 3 Comments

  Spending time with grandchildren, family and friends is of the utmost importance to seniors, which is the reason why Mango makes it easier and more affordable for senior travellers to fly more often. Mango offers affordable and competitive fares with discounted offers of up to 10% for senior travellers, allowing you to travel more […]

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Cosy up with Senior Winter Warmers

Posted By Angela Watkins / 0 Comments

Warmth and hospitality, crackling log fire, golden fields in winter – what do all these senior savings have in common? Why – they come from organisations who offer pensioner specials to warm your heart!     We invite you to take a look at this selection of great senior savings – all offering substantial pensioner […]

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What’s all the fuss with “Active Ageing”?

Posted By Marilynh / 0 Comments

There is one culprit deemed to be the biggest driver when it comes to accelerating the ageing process – and that is – inactivity.   Silver Fit has come up with a new and exciting community-based solution…     The body is a magical thing; we have millions of cells that work together to create everything […]

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Excellent eateries offering delectable senior discounts

Posted By Angela Watkins / 2 Comments

Mouthwatering steaks, seafood platters, oriental delights, and perfect pub grub – what do all these excellent eateries have in common? Why – they all offer pensioners a little something special!     Have a look at our latest selection of great senior savings – from lunch buffet pensioner specials to popular pensioner menus.  These eateries […]

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