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Tips to help you survive the water crisis

Posted By Marilynh / 5 Comments

Level Five water restrictions were implemented in Cape Town last week (see image at bottom of article).  The purpose is to attempt to bring the City’s collective water use to below 500 million litres per day. Currently, consumption stands at nearly 600 million litres per day.  Water guzzlers will be faced with hefty fines, and  […]

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Every drop counts – Save Our Water!

Posted By Marilynh / 4 Comments

From standing in a basin to reusing cooking water, these novel tips are a good addition to the tried and trusted water-saving tips     With Level Four water restrictions possibly on the horizon in Cape Town, YEI looks at how a few smart ways in which we can reduce our water usage prodigiously.   […]

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Five easy, but significant water savers

Posted By Marilynh / 6 Comments

As we go through the worst drought in the country in 23 years, we have no option but to look at every possible kind of water saving method that we can. You’ve Earned It shares five practical water-saving tips/methods that we have adopted (amongst others) that work well: • Ditch the dishwasher, and wash by […]

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