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FCT Senior Travel – unpacked

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FCT Senior Travel is in the business of creating moments that become lasting memories!  Create your lasting memory which could be a short, local breakaway or an international adventure!  The FCT Senior Travel 2019 Tour Brochure is available now!       FCT Senior Travel is in the business of creating moments that will become […]

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Bumper Month for Senior Savings

Posted By Angela Watkins / 2 Comments

With the onset of spring in South Africa, You’ve Earned It brings the good news that it has been a bumper month for seniors.   A big backpat and kudos go to the corporates/businesses of South Africa who are either offering even better senior deals and/or are reaching out to the senior market!   YEI […]

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Plan your perfect breakaway this holiday in the summer sun with Forever Resorts Pensioners offers!

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

Fantastic break-away pensioner packages with Forever Resorts for a limited time period!  Plan a fun-in-the-sun holiday at Badplaas, Swadini and/or Plettenberg Bay!     What is more perfect than spending quality time with your kids and grandkids? Maybe you would like the perfect break away with a group of friends or perhaps it’s just the […]

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Travel hacks that assist the savvy senior traveller

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If you are an adventurous senior traveller, you are probably of the view that age matters only if you’re a cheese, and that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. So to make those travels even happier and ch-easier, check out these fun, tried and trusted travel hacks!     Stopping off in […]

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