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Financial Wellbeing for Senior Women

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According to Statistics SA, South African women are living at least six years longer than their male counterparts.  It is imperative that women consider their financial wellbeing, by empowering themselves to take financial decisions into their own hands     South African women are living at least six years longer than their male counterparts, a […]

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Tips on stretching your retirement savings

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Good financial habits don’t stop when you go on retirement.  It is a lifetime discipline that should be practiced in order for you to have a financially balanced lifestyle  When you finally reach retirement age, you need to be in a position where you can afford to maintain a similar lifestyle which you have been […]

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The emergence of the Super Senior

Posted By Marilynh / 5 Comments

Super Seniors are forcing society worldwide to rethink the concept of ageing and retirement.  Who are these Super Seniors, what are the challenges they are facing, and why should we even be talking about the future of old age, and an age-ready nation?     To understand why today’s baby boomers are morphing into super […]

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Making the most of your retirement…

Posted By Marilynh / 3 Comments

YEI lauds AVBOB on celebrating its centenary in August this year.  AVBOB has stood the test of time, and knows all about retirement and how to take care of tomorrow, which is why they recommend that while you enjoy your retirement, you need to prepare your “File of Life”..  Read on…       This […]

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