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Finding your sense of purpose in retirement

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The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #5 – Finding your sense of purpose in retirement     What Is Life’s Purpose? Life’s purpose is unique to everyone.  Your purpose is a combination of your skills, passions and values.  It’s your mission in life, and identifying your life’s purpose can mean a hugely more satisfying life.  […]

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The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #4 – Health

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  Ageing is not for sissies!     Wrinkles.  Hormones out of whack.  Energy levels decrease.  And so the list goes on….   The reality is that people are living longer than ever before.  There is a great possibility that you could live for one-third of your life in retirement.    Health challenges Retirement is construed as Utopia […]

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Baby Boomers’ retirement concerns – lessons to be learned

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As South Africa’s so-called Baby Boomers reach retirement age, around a third have no formal provision for their retirement and face the prospect of hardship. This serves as a wake-up call for Generations X (born 1965 – 1979) and Y (born 1980 and after) that the sooner you get good financial advice and take control […]

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Who cares?

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  Don’t you just wish banks would stop talking and start doing? Take a look at what Nedbank is doing to Communicate with, Advise, Reward and Entertain you. In short, CARE. Nedbank cares Don’t tell me you care, show me! We’ve all had these conversations with our partners or friends at some time in our […]

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