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Garage clutter

Is your home space cluttered and disorganized?

Banish the clutter, organise your physical space,optimize its use, and your life will flow more freely and you will gain control!

You will have more time and space to live, breathe and be yourself. By managing your time, your mind is free to set your goals and achieve the successes that you’ve always dreamed of.

Sounds good? Then it’s time to take the steps to banish the clutter.

Clutter is made up of all the things that you no longer use or love.  Hundreds of marge tubs hoarded in the garage.  Piles of unopened junkmail, old newspapers and magazines.  Broken utensils or equipment.  Those fabulous red shoes that cost R500 and only worn once.  All this and more is clutter.

OK – let’s not get overwhelmed.  Here are some tips to help you on your way to a clutter-free home.

Getting going..

Start now.  Don’t procrastinate – this is the major obstacle to decluttering.   No answering the phone.  15-30 minutes a day.  That’s all you need.

Choose a small area to start

Start with the linen cupboard or your sock drawer.  Completely empty the drawer or the cupboard and have two piles – it’s either in or out.  Don’t waste time on sentimentality.  Be ruthless and do it quickly.

Keep the momentum going

Remember to work on one area at a time.   Finish this area before you start somewhere else.  Give yourself time to carry out this marathon task – decluttering could take months.  Be patient, stick with your plan – your small victories will add up.

Soon you will be able to pick a room and blitz it!  Then draw up a decluttering schedule and concentrate on a room at a time.  By creating a planned schedule, the process won’t appear to be as intimidating.

What to do with your clutter

“Out” piles need to get out of the house quickly.  Consider a charity who would love to have your clutter, your helper or needy friends or family.  Sell the items on eBay, at a car boot sale, garage sale, second hand clothes shop or even advertise at a reasonable price in your local newspaper.


Baby boomers come from post-war families where hoarding has been a common problem.  Don’t feel guilty that you are wasting money by throwing things away – unwanted presents or baby clothes.  It does take time to get used to a newly decluttered home, but it won’t be long before you feel a huge sense of relief.

If you feel the need to be sentimental, be selective – keep one pretty box for those treasured (but few!) sentimental items.

Sort your clutter

The essential tool for decluttering is “one in, one out”.  Can’t get rid of it – then store it in your attic for six months – with a date on.  If you don’t use it in six months, it’s “out”.

Organise your paperwork

  • File your important paperwork in a variety of marked files.
  • Throw out junk mail immediately (into the recycle bin).
  • If you want to keep articles from a magazine or newspaper, keep them in a folder or binder.
  • Scraps of paper are out – use one notebook to record all your ideas and to-do lists.

A clutter-free and organized desk will save you time, reduce your stress and ultimately free up your energy for your work.


Use inexpensive plastic boxes to store small items of clothing such as belts and scarves, CDs, DVDs, letters, batteries, photos – you name it!

Devise a maintenance plan

  • “One in, one out” – if you make a new purchase, get rid of something else.
  • Resist impulse and random buys.  Think seriously about new purchases.


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