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Based on an extremely successful company situated in the USA, Beds on Line came to life in July 2000.

Being a holistically South African-owned and managed company, we customised the e-commerce buying to suit the South African market.

The idea behind the initial concept was to reach a broader market other than only where a conventional outlet was established.

This we have achieved with tremendous success over the past 17+ years.

During our lifespan, we have tried and tested several operational systems, distribution networks, website formats and company structures.

We therefore now have well established systems in place relating to all aspects of our unique business.

As a direct result of our flexible and established infrastructure, we are able to make quick and efficient decisions, implement new systems and adjust any aspects to suit the needs of our clients.

We have a 24-hour contact centre which functions with skilled, well-versed personnel and a qualified management team that has been with the company since inception.




The flexibility of a client to make contact with any of our consultants is proven in the various methods they are able to get in touch with the contact centre.

Even though our contact centre is based in one location in the Western Cape, we successfully service and deliver to the whole of South Africa. We have a established warehouses in most major centres and a transport service which allows us to deliver to anywhere in South Africa.

We pride ourselves in having created and managed an uncomplicated, well-tested concept, which has taken many years to become a well-established company.

Manager Jenni Ball has been with the company since its inception. She stems from a service and sales training background, which no doubt has proven invaluable to this service-related industry. She is always available on 0860 19 18 17 or jenni@beds-on-line.co.za.

Consultants that attend to your unique needs and requirements are highly trained in service delivery as well as being skilled with their product knowledge. This has proven itself over and over again which is evident from what our customers say!


Pensioner Discount:

12% pensioner discount. This does not apply to sale items.


Please reference You’ve Earned It / YEI 155 when making an enquiry or purchase

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  • Sandra Phillips
    October 16, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    YEI 155
    Please recommended memory foam or other queen size bed for 64 year old.
    Situated in Port Elizabeyh.
    Prices will be appreciated.
    Thank you Sandra

    • Marilynh
      October 18, 2017 at 8:24 am

      Dear Sandra
      Thank you for your query. We have asked Beds On Line to contact you direct.
      Warm regards
      Marilyn, YEI Editor

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