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You’ve Earned It/YEI is the website for South African over-60s. YEI has a comprehensive Discounts and Benefits Directory where seniors, retirees, pensioners and baby boomers can source discounts, savings, special offers and great deals. YEI also features interesting and informative articles geared at this age group.


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Senior cyclist conquers epic cycling trip in the Far East

8 countries.  8 months. 12 000 kms.  Elred Lawrence, traveller/senior cyclist of note arrived in …

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SASSA Condemns Unemployment Grant Fake News

SASSA MEDIA RELEASE   SASSA statement: The current WhatsApp advertisement of a so-called unemployment grant …

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Joint pain and stiffness – what to do to correct and prevent this

Getting older is not for the feint-hearted!  Aches and pains, the feeling that …

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WIN: A copy of The Fishy Smiths, a Biography of JLB Smith
  HOW TO ENTER  Please answer the following question on the entry form: Question:  What is the name of the primitive-looking fish, thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (Clue: see below) CLICK HERE TO ENTER  See Ts and Cs below  Closing date for competition: 12h00 – Thursday 15 November 2018     The Fishy…
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