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You’ve Earned It/YEI is the website for South African over-60s. YEI has a comprehensive Discounts and Benefits Directory where seniors, retirees, pensioners and baby boomers can source discounts, savings, special offers and great deals. YEI also features interesting and informative articles geared at this age group.


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60 is just a number!

60 may just be a number However, there are many benefits to being over …

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Poetry to soothe the soul!

AVBOB’s recent overwhelmingly successful poetry competition offers an abundance of poems to give …

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Dreamy Destinations for Seniors

Even the most frugal of spenders could be tempted into trying out at least …

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WIN cat among the pigeons
WIN: Cat Among The Pigeons Hamper
 What did Marilyn Monroe have in common with the ugliest bird in the world?!  Find out by reading Cat Among The Pigeons!  Or try winning yourself a copy in this fabulous competition!       Cat Among The Pigeons Animal myths, musings and matter of fact  Author:  David Muirhead   Here’s another batch of David Muirhead’s unrespectable creatures, following his…
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