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Elderly man’s vehicle attacked in road rage incident

Posted By Marilynh / September 8, 2017 / 0 Comments

A shocking road rage incident, posted to the Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page,
has gone viral.

This incident occurred on London Road passing Alexander. Two vehicles had a minor bumper bash.  The elderly man (71 years old) in the Range Rover pulled over so they could exchange details and the man in the other vehicle, a Porsche, went ballistic and acted totally irrationally and started attacking the Range Rover.

Viewers around the country have expressed their total shock and horror at the behaviour of the Porsche driver who kicked and punched the Range Rover.  The fearful elderly man remained in his car while the Porsche driver screamed and hurled abuse at him.  Bystanders tried to protect the elderly man and to get the Porsche driver to calm down. 

The Porsche driver has been identified and according to a news report, he has since been suspended, with the prominent automotive body shop making the following statement:  “As a company with a solid reputation that is 12 years in the making we pride ourselves on the way we do business. This incident is by no means a reflection of our moral code, nor does it represent a change in our business ethics.”


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