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The AVBOB Foundation

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AVBOB has been in existence for 99 years and has over the years made countless contributions to charitable organisations and individuals.  Over recent years the focus has however shifted to sustainable socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate.  Just like many other companies around the world, we have accepted the responsibility to play a leading and positive role in building our society.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) involves far more than the once-off donation to a worthy cause and requires strategies that are aligned with the AVBOB Group’s long-term goals and objectives.  It seeks to improve and uplift the quality of people’s lives by making meaningful contributions and investments into their future. By forming an integral part of the communities in which we conduct our business, we will endeavour to become good and responsible corporate citizens. We will invest substantially but responsibly through our newly established AVBOB Foundation and our CSI programme will be managed along clear and transparent criteria in accordance with recognised principles of good corporate governance.



In January 2013, The AVBOB Foundation launched its flagship container library project aimed at empowering disadvantaged schools across South Africa. To date, 41 of the 50 libraries that were pledged by AVBOB Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Frik Rademan, have been donated to schools across South Africa. The Container library Project has reached over 39 009 learners throughout South Africa, with learners benefiting from the + 2500 brand new books included in each container library handover. To ensure that the process of the container library is of world-class quality, AVBOB Industries in Bloemfontein is tasked with the project of refurbishing the containers and fitting them with wooden laminate floors, shelving, a chalkboard, tables and chairs. The libraries are also fitted with solar PV systems, which give the libraries the capability to power up LED lights, any computer or projector being used in the libraries or to even recharge cell phone or laptop batteries. The container library project has become an important milestone for AVBOB, spending over R13 million in the undertaking and the AVBOB Foundation has nine more libraries to donate by 2018.

Many schools have benefited from this massive contribution by the AVBOB Foundation. The first beneficiary, Shukumani Primary School in Gauteng received their library in January 2013. The half way mark of the AVBOB Foundation’s pledge of 50 container libraries was our twenty-fifth handover at Nthute Primary School in the Free State. We are now pleased to announce that our 42nd handover will be to Zweliyazuza Primary School in Pietermaritzburg on 26 July 2017. We are excited about this as we are one step closer to fulfilling our vision of empowering disadvantaged schools across South Africa, with the donation of 50 container libraries. 

AVBOB CEO, Mr Frik Rademan believes that, “Dedication and commitment in developing literacy in our schools is not only the responsibility of partners and sponsors, but most importantly rests with the worthy recipients of our prized libraries”.

AVBOB, we’re here for you.



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