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Retirement: A redundant term?

Posted By Marilynh / 1 Comment

Wikipedia refers to Retirement as ‘the point where a person stops employment’.  The retirement or pensionable age of 65 was first set in 1889 when people were expected to live two years after they stopped work.  Today, this term has no real meaning.  Millions of  Baby Boomers globally will hit 65 over the next twenty […]

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Critical to prep for retirement

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Recently I learned that a relative was retiring after over 35 years with the same business. During that period, the relative had climbed from temporary employee working shifts to a senior executive with great responsibilities within the organisation. Through their own efforts, they have carved out a meaningful and important career and this is now […]

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To downsize or not – that is the question!

Posted By Marilynh / 2 Comments

Many South African over-60s, who are still in their homes, are exploring alternative options for accommodation in retirement. There is a worldwide growing trend towards multi-generational living – where adult children and their families are moving into the family home, and baby boomers are looking after ageing parents.  The big question appears to be – […]

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Retirement: Time to stop living at work and to work at living

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Are you in retirement or planning your retirement? Hilary Henderson looks at eight areas of life, and how these will be affected by retirement The word Retirement is defined in Wikipedia as ”the point where a person stops employment completely”.  Well, these days how many of us can afford to do that?  The term tends […]

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