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Elderly man’s vehicle attacked in road rage incident

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A shocking road rage incident, posted to the Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page, has gone viral. This incident occurred on London Road passing Alexander. Two vehicles had a minor bumper bash.  The elderly man (71 years old) in the Range Rover pulled over so they could exchange details and the man in the other vehicle, […]

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Tips to help you survive the water crisis

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Level Five water restrictions were implemented in Cape Town last week (see image at bottom of article).  The purpose is to attempt to bring the City’s collective water use to below 500 million litres per day. Currently, consumption stands at nearly 600 million litres per day.  Water guzzlers will be faced with hefty fines, and  […]

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Stay safe with online dating

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Companionship in later life is very important. One can’t add a price tag to having somebody at your side who will share your life, your time and your interests.      Research reveals that baby boomers have the fastest growing divorce rate in comparison to all other age categories.  “Gray divorce” is on the rise, […]

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The dark side of internet dating, and dating in general

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On 25th August 2017, YEI published an article titled “Stay Safe with Online Dating”.  We had a lot of reaction to this article – both positive and negative.  One YEI reader, who we shall call “Kat” sent us a heartfelt request to publish the story of her sister’s experience in online dating, and dating in […]

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