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Scam Alert

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  Many of us have received an e-mail, SMS, phone call or personal contact regarding some sort of scam. ‘Phishing’ is the term used for e-mail scams and ‘smishing’ the term for SMS scams. Improved technology and social media assist perpetrators in targeting many unsuspecting customers. One of the worst scams is identity theft; your […]

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To Trust or not to Trust … part 2

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Treasury has yet again placed Trusts in the spotlight by including the following comment in the Budget Review issued on 27 February 2013: “To curtail tax avoidance associated with Trusts, Government is proposing several legislative measures during 2013/14. Certain aspects of local and offshore Trusts have long been a problem for global tax enforcement due […]

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Can you afford to retire?

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  How likely are you to have R6 million in savings and investments at your disposal when you turn 60? If you are planning to retire at age 60, this is the amount of money you will need to ensure that you have at least R15, 000 a month before tax to live on without […]

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Wills do not supersede policy beneficiary nominations

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The importance of revising the nominated beneficiaries on policies, retirement funds and your Will on a regular basis cannot be underestimated. These are your last wishes to your loved ones who are often people who are dependent on your income and support. It is vital to understand that a Will does not supersede beneficiary nominations […]

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