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Deciphering the new Medical Credit system

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Manager of Personal Trust’s Tax Department, Ronald Smith clarifies the new medical aid tax credit system. In the 2012 Budget speech, it was announced that the medical deduction system would be replaced by a medical aid credit system for all taxpayers under the age of 65. This tax year, which commenced on 1 March 2014, […]

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Pension versus Provident Fund: What is the difference?

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Provident Funds and Pension Funds are both retirement funds offered by employers to employees.  The purpose of both is to provide an income for a member on retirement or an income for their dependents if the member dies. These funds can only be set up for groups of employees and therefore cannot be set up […]

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Loren le Roux – the person behind the Financial Advisor

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Meet Loren le Roux – Trust Officer and Financial Advisor. Loren is the person who responds to your finance questions – online – and at no cost! How long have you been with Personal Trust and what made you apply to join the company? I joined Personal Trust in June 2011 after almost six years […]

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Are your children and grandchildren on track to financial freedom?

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Saving for retirement from a young age pays big dividends. The start of a year should ignite refreshing ideas and commitment to goals and challenges for the year ahead; this generally entails the next 12 months and what one would like to achieve from a health, work or social perspective. More often than not, however, […]

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