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Sage advice for SMEs

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SMEs should use festive season profits wisely Given the current tough economic conditions locally and the highly uncertain business environment, SMEs should fully capitalise on the opportunities presented by the busy festive period by saving and investing profits wisely. Similarly, business owners that are less busy should avoid shutting down and going on holiday early, […]

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Don’t put baby boomers out to pasture!

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In a world gone mad, many Baby Boomers are facing their own inner turmoil and rumble of unrest. South Africans live in a country where we battle with unemployment, retrenchment, low wages, crime, fraud, high cost of living, downsizing, mergers, transformation and skills shortages and more. Most, if not all of these issues, affect Baby […]

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Q and A with a senior entrepreneur

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  In the United States, recent research shows that one in four Americans aged between 44 and 70 are either interested in or have started up their own businesses – small start-ups, sole proprietorships or non-profit organisations.   These midlife entrepreneurs have taken a new path in life, mostly because they  are battling to find jobs […]

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Pain of retirement age dismissals

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Dismissals that occur after normal retirement age present employers with a specific set of circumstances that differ markedly from all other forms of dismissal. Section 187(2)(b) of the Labour Relations Act states that a dismissal based on age is fair if the employee has reached the normal or agreed retirement age for persons employed in […]

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